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Thanks for your site, has been a HUGE help for me! Luckily I brought a gallon of water because half way through I began getting very dehydrated. I lost about 60 lbs and so many inches it was amazing.

The cleanness of the diet has helped with both of these.

IF you decide to follow the hCG Diet Program

And a great side effect is sleeping like a baby! The picture is my first time 42lbs in 30 days. I am beginning to notice the shots are not as effective at keeping hunger at bay. Since the drops remove your appetite how to find the best weight loss supplement effectively, it how to lose weight off belly and thighs tough to even make myself eat weight loss dyspnea all when I was using the drops before meals.

I decided it would be very helpful in P3. I just finished my 3rd round of hcg and started phase hcg diet results by week today! I have never been the appropriate weight for my height. What more can I see hCG is it…. I am researching your website and will probably switch to buying the hcg on my own next round.

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I have to say with all the support you have given me, I still had flubs. Kellyann 21 day plan is a good beginning and good prep to the HCG diet I do actually work a cup of bone broth into my HCG diet phases when I need something safe to sip on cannot overdo this. I am now within 20 pounds of my goal weight…my high school weight!

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With some self-determination and discipline, anyone can follow this program. Your email comes at good timing, I hope I can look to your site for inspiration. I had a sugar addiction and was emotionally eating.

More importantly, I was no longer pre-diabetic how to lose fat on stomach quickly no longer in danger of having to go on a medley of prescription drugs to MANAGE, not fix my obesity. You do not require the hormone of hCG anymore. I have lost God Bless you and your wonderful family!

I am prepared to enter P3 as I did the first time. That said, NuImage injections are great. But with HCG I saw results almost every day whether on the scale or in inches… this truly kept me strong and gave me the will to make it to another day of success.

hCG Diet Results & Testimonials

Thank you Rayzel for everything you do and all the support you give. After these initial symptoms subside, you will begin to enjoy the fat burning benefits which this method brings. Soups are fantastic for filling up. I started in October of and now am in P4 and beyond and maintaining perfectly through the help of hCG Chica and many other support groups, recipes and testimonies.

I needed to do something. But I am at a feline weight loss senior low now and have a week or so to loose more. Thank you so much for creating and continuing your website! But I got sick and I weight loss brides up with my partner and old habits came back. This time doing the injections after reading your correct dosage information and MY GOD what a difference, actually have to force myself to eat.

You WILL gain it all back! So far, I have completed 2 rounds on the HCG diet drops. It is the only diet that has ever worked for me. This diet DOES work, if you follow it correctly.

HCG Diet Success Program - Lose Lbs in Next 40 Days

The diet fixed all of that and gave me my life back. Due to stress and major surgery.

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This morning we had another great phone conference with the ladies at MediPro Direct. Kept it off 8 months so far.

  1. It is truly a godsend.
  2. hCG Diet -Two Week Results - Julian Bakery Official Blog & Recipe Guide For Optimal Health
  3. I am someone who likes to plan ahead, and the resources my doctor provided did not meet my expectations.

At the end of my rounds I have been adding back in my peanuts with good results. On my first round, I planned on doing P2 for 3 weeks and ended up doing 5. Now that I have adjusted to after meals, I still have a nice appetite and can easily eat all of my meals throughout the day. I wanted to show you my first-time results and update you this second round.

I found it difficult to eat all of that. As usual, thanks for reading, and stay updated as we continue pushing through this exciting journey of losing weight!

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And checking my morning temperature. Usually, if I try really hard I can lose pounds in a month! I weight loss brides videos, bought and used the workbook, and consult the blog often. I lost 23 pounds in my first round 40 days and 13 pounds in my second round 30 days. This time I am doing the extended round in hopes of accelerating the timeline for my 50 pound weight loss as much as possible.

I went on 3 and only 3 rounds of the diet, all within a year and a half — and I never did another round, nor any other diet after that. I went down 3 sizes in 45 days. I was able to use spray coconut oil for cooking and add in veggies like Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli, and fruit like watermelon, blueberries, blackberries, and even pickles.

I though a bedtime and TV wine drinking would never be gone from my life, but just think was pretty much alcohol free. Next, I followed P3toLife life for 6 weeks and by thanksgiving I had lost another 10 pounds! I also experienced a relief in menopausal symptoms and would love to use hCG for that reason alone.

Even though the creator Dr.

How Old Do You Have to Be to Apply the Diet?

It really made me face those issues. I was able to maintain this new weight for around 6 months. I tried the drops about 4 years ago, and had great success in the 6 weeks that followed, however I did not do maintenance properly.

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During that 21 day timeframe, I try to fast for 2 non-consecutive days a week with reducing the amount of food and eliminating soy, dairy, grains, carbs, sugar, etc. Added very limited rice and potato. I no longer track or weigh all my food.

And for keeping the weight off?

It is true — Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels — it is so nice to feel comfortable in your own skin! I did not do P3. I look forward to a successful P3 next.

hCG Diet Results & Testimonials I am on day 19 and have lost 13 pounds. This happens to be the time for weight watchers or dieters to start injecting hormones into their body.

I miss a few things, but I can live without it for this short period of time in the fat burning belt jones tactical scheme of things!!! I exercise days a week and have lots more energy.

hCG Diet -Two Week Results

I am trying to get back on the feline weight loss senior today, having just fat loaded. Your recipe books are wonderful, and I am looking forward to digging into them. You helped me give myself my life back.

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I am just a week away from the end of my first round and have dropped 20 lbs in 28 days. I am just finishing my third round. Bought my first horse at age 55! My starting weight was and I went down to and now easily maintain at about Thanks for your positive attitude and for all you do to encourage. I finished the 40 day HCG diet 1 year ago and lost 30 feline weight loss senior and have kept it off.